11th July 2019


Why Stylish Homes:

I was always aware of the quality of Stylish Homes, having been through their show home with various different friends in the past. As I had a limited budget I had initially thought this would not be an affordable way to go for me. I was encouraged by a family member to go and have a chat, make an appointment – which I did.


After having a well-informed discussion with Rex, I was surprised to see not only was this attainable for me, but I also realised very quickly it would be a personalised journey I was embarking on. This resulted in my beautiful home I have now occupied for a few months.



From the outset I felt comfortable and treated like a valued client. Planning was personalised. Different scenarios were discussed and within no time I had what I had always envisaged as my perfect home on paper. During all of the planning stage I was well informed and notified if there were any issues. When anything came up, e.g. in dealing with extra council requests that caused problems re starting the build, I was well supported and so pleased I was not dealing with this on my own.



Costings were always very transparent during the build. I was always given alternatives/choices that were explained clearly if an issue came up. Due to the transparency and the fact I was well informed I was able to complete my build well within my budget.


The Build:

An amazing group of very professional subcontractors began the build under the watchful eye of Stylish Homes. I was well informed with photographs, even though I live in Mangawhai and could see the progress. I was always informed, by personal visits or emails of the next stages.



As soon as the build started I was amazed at how quickly things came together. The organisation of Stylish Homes around having contractors in place is amazing at a very busy time of building in this area. I could not have asked for better.


The Experience:

The experience was amazing. Building your own home is stressful, they say, however I felt that the stress was taken off me, and a very professional group of people took me through a journey I had waited my whole life to do. They became like a part of a family that are totally there for you. Through this experience, I know I have met some amazing people that will always be very special to me.


I have shared my experience with others, recommending Stylish Homes and their personalised service. If I had to go through a new build again I would use the same company, and would always recommend Rex, Judy, Teresa, Troy and Ralph at Stylish Homes.


Thank you for your specialised service. I have a very stylish, modern, beautiful home especially designed for me.


Susan Butler

22nd May 2019


If you are looking at building a home our advice would be to seriously consider Stylish Homes.
We got the same advice from friends and are very grateful.


We looked at other options but didn’t get the same “vibe”.
From concept to completion the honesty, integrity, communication, passion and expertise of everyone involved in the project was impressive and very much appreciated by first time home builders like us.
Rex visited our property on numerous occasions to get the lay of the land and give some advice (not always what we wanted to hear but absolutely right), asked us what we wanted, and more to the point what we wanted to pay for it.


His design took into account the location and features of the property and the original proposal only required a couple of minor revisions before it was what we had in mind.
On signing the contract Rex’s comment to us was “The only stress you should have is choosing your colours and paying the money.” He was pretty much spot on.


The build seemed to go smoothly (if it didn’t, we were none the wiser) and the cost came in more or less on budget (the increases were due to us changing and adding things).
The personal approach that Stylish Homes takes has made this a great experience for us and we have ended up with the house that we wanted at a cost that we consider to be great value for money.


John & Deena Redman
Barrier View Drive

29th January 2019

I recently built my dream home with Stylish Homes. They had been recommended to me as a company with a reputation for quality houses that delivers on time and to your budget. My initial meeting with Stylish confirmed that they were a professional company that I wanted use to build my home.

It was my first new home build; Rex and his team made the whole building process so simple.

Whenever I needed advice on some finer details, Rex and his team would always offer sound professional advice and where necessary offer an alternative that improved the quality look of the house which I found extremely helpful.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Stylish homes, and yes, I just love my new home.

Tony Ellis
Tern Point

16th November 2018


Owning Fine Wine Delivery Co., we personally engage with tens of thousands of customers. Having listened to many horror stories over 22-years of bad building experiences, Virginia and I were nervous about our first ever house build project on a beautiful piece of land on the Mangawhai Estuary north of Auckland. Doing our homework on local builders we popped into Stylish Homes Show Home at Estuary Drive for a look see. We were immediately taken with the quality of the finish, and on inquiring as to the per metre build price were decidedly impressed with their offering.


Owner Rex de Baugh talked us through their process and we quickly grew confident in his grasp of all aspects of planning, build and finish. He introduced us to Parnell based architect Chris Fraser of Habitus Mode Architects in Parnell - both Chris and Rex worked with us to bring our definitive ideas to life in the best way. Ours is a quality build (not exotic) and Chris and Rex were fantastic at helping us turn our ideas into a magnificent home that sat perfectly in aspect and was complimentary to the environment... our family and friends all say, 'it looks like the home belongs there".


Huge cost overruns and poor management of project variations were quite common to many customers and friends we talked to prior to embarking on our special project. Rex quickly allayed any fears we might have taking us through his quality management processes.


The build was seamless and totally in line with the Stylish Homes Mission Statement... "Stress free, on time and on budget”. Rex and his team take care of the total build process and interaction with local council, shielding you from any unnecessary stress.


Our home was delivered “Stress free, on time and on budget”, Rex was able to accommodate any variations we had to the original contract and design and achieve savings in other areas without any compromise to the build. His decades of building experience and the calibre and experience of his build teams enabled us to move into our dream home with zero regrets and much elation.


Finally, we have friends who have done several builds and more recently an architect friend who have come to see our new home and all enthusiastically commented on the quality of the total finish.


Virginia and I unreservedly recommend Stylish Homes if you're planning a new build in Mangawhai and surrounds. A heartfelt thanks from us both to Rex, Judy and the Team for making our house build a very enjoyable experience.


Jeff and Virginia Poole
Tern Point