26th May 2020


We were introduced to Stylish Homes by friends who were having their house built by Rex and his team at the time.


We were immediately impressed by the time Rex gave to us in response to several questions we posed. Our initial interest was in a house and land package Stylish Homes had but soon developed into just the build of a yet to be designed home. This included an inspection and appraisal of the site we subsequently bought.


While Stylish Homes builds from its own designs they were quite prepared to allow us to provide our plans as drawn by the architect we engaged. In addition, we chose to use a construction product, Porotherm, which was not in widespread use in New Zealand. This lead to quite a challenge for Rex and his contractors which was met head on and with considerable diligence. It is my understanding Stellaria (the importers of Porotherm) have asked if Rex would act as a consultant for projects in this region.


Costing the build was not simple. Porotherm is a clay block. The blocklayers experienced in Porotherm were from out of town and made it difficult for Rex to assess a schedule of work. Once the walls were up all the services had to be chased in, quite a different proposition from a timber framed house. The time to complete this was an unknown but Rex ensured the tradesmen allowed for this and we were not passed any additional costs related to the submitted plans.


We received good notice to finalise product selections (by Teresa) and received a follow up prior to purchase to confirm the details.


During the build we were kept well informed of the progress. Problems which were encountered were well explained. At no time did we feel we were being a nuisance - we made numerous phone calls and often arrived for meetings, sometimes unannounced.


As with most builds, we made changes. These mostly involved the utilities and were managed well. The Porotherm construction did present some additional work not envisaged by either the architect or Rex. This did incur cost to us but we feel responsibility for this lay with the suppliers of the Porotherm in that they should have provided greater guidance. As mentioned Porotherm is not a widely used product.


We have now been in our new home for 4 months. There have been few issues requiring attention but we have been pleased with the response when we have raised any.


We would definitely engage Stylish Home in a future project. The attention to detail, friendly manner, honesty and trust shown was Very good.


Jo & Malcolm Knox